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Easy Lock System

The in-lite Easy-Lock connector provides the flexibility to connect any fixture of a system to the main cable at any desired location.

Low voltage

In-lite low-voltage (12V) system operates with the help of transformers, which convert the standard 120V electricity from your home's GFCI outlet to 12V.  This approach not only makes the system eco-friendly, but also reduces operating costs significantly.

Easy Installation

In-lite Low Voltage system is designed to be both safe and user-friendly, allowing consumers to easily connect and reposition the system components as needed.

Sleek Design

Our cutting-edge and contemporary designs provide exceptional lighting solutions of superior quality.

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Innovative Solutions

Solis is an innovative lighting solutions company that specializes in low voltage systems with stunning designs that are easy to install. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality lighting solutions that are both functional and stylish. At Solis, we believe lighting should be an integral part of any space, enhancing the ambiance and providing a sense of comfort and security.

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Our Customers



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