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  • Why should we consider landscape lighting for our yard?
    Landscape lighting offers a subtle, elegant ambience to a yard after dusk. Path and step lighting provide safe illumination for travel through the property while spotlighting trees, sculptures, etc. and can highlight key features in the yard and give them a solitary focus that you would not otherwise have during the day.
  • Why not use solar instead?
    Solar, simply put, just does not measure up. The radiance put off by a solar element does not illuminate the surrounding area to any significant degree, nor does the colour temperature glow warm, rather a cold bluish white. Solar lighting on the whole is underwhelming.
  • Why LED?
    LED is far more energy efficient than its halogen counterpart—up to 80% more. LED diodes also last far longer than traditional bulbs. Where the detraction with LED used to be that they shone too white, but the colour temperature spectrum has evolved over the last several years to provide the full array. Our lights typically come in at a warm 2700K-3000K, which is akin to the traditional lighting temperatures that most people are accustomed to. But we do offer some lighting in a cooler 5000k range as well. These will shine whiter.
  • Our landscaping is already complete. Can we still install a landscape lighting system?
    Absolutely. As our systems are low voltage, we are able to install a brand new system with very little disturbance to the yard. No excavation or trenching is required.
  • How is the system controlled?
    Our transformers have very simple, easy-to-use controls. Systems are photocell activated and the duration of light per evening can easily be adjusted to suit your liking. Further automation for cell phone activation can easily accomplished with a third-party add-on.
  • I’m a contractor, why should I consider using an in-lite product?
    Two words: Quick Connect. This system is a game changer for installers. No more morets and tape. No more fiddling. Add and remove lights with ease.
  • I’m a landscaper with no experience in outdoor lighting. What services can you offer me?
    We are quite happy to provide a tutorial on installation methods. But if you are too busy, we will gladly design a custom lighting system to suit your project, supply the product and do a full set up for you. Send us a copy of your landscape plans and we can design a system and do package take offs for you ahead of time so that you can quote your client accordingly.
  • I’m a retail customer. Can I buy direct from you?
    Yes you can. Just contact us for product info or to arrange your order. We are happy to come to your site to discuss options.
  • How durable are these lights for the Canadian climate?
    Extremely. These lights are European designed and pressure tested for the elements. Materials and methods used in the construction of these lights are meant to hold up to the harsh climes of the northern hemisphere. It’s because of this quality of construction that we are confident in offering a 5-year warranty on the product.
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